Along with our commitment to quality and style, Exolux is founded on three P’s:

People: Exolux is about inclusivity (on- and offline) and about creating meaningful connections and a growing conscious community. Exolux is also about empowering people and ensuring that the people who work for Exolux (and their suppliers) are treated ethically and fairly.

Planet: Exolux is building a sustainable business. While many sustainability certification companies will only approve established businesses and Exolux is still in its infancy, we are constantly working to put sustainable business practices in place throughout our entire supply chain.

Profit: Exolux is committed to donating a percentage of its profits to good causes around the world.

Exolux aims to inspire, delight, excite and engage with those who love the comfort of clothing and are empowered to stand out from the crowd. All products are made to the rigorous quality standards of an impassioned new business. As Exolux grows, Exolux aficionados can look forward to  new and exciting collections of seasonal clothing for all genders, sizes and shapes.